Lets see if we're a good fit...

Your Wedding Photographer is going to be with you throughout your whole wedding journey, so you're going to want to make sure you choose wisely. Finding someone who meets your budget, who's style you swoon over, and someone who you can connect with, laugh with and feel comfortable around - that's the magic formula!

Who I Am

A personality test recently deemed me an ‘outgoing introvert’, which I think I quite like. I guess because it speaks for my love of big social occasions, people and for my confidence, as well as the side of my personality that loves cuddling up on the sofa with my cats and a big mug of tea for a much enjoyed editing session.  The best of both worlds!

I’m a creative and adventurous soul and recently returned back to my home town in North Devon, after 15 months of blissful travels and living in New Zealand. It was here in 2019, after years of practicing and studying photography, shooting friends weddings’ and for small businesses, that I decided to take my photography one step further and created Amy Chapple Photography.

When I'm not out shooting crazy-in-love couples, I can be found outside exploring the Devon coast, surfing or chilling out at home by the fire with my fiancé, Nick, who, *spoiler alert* is in the process of putting his Videography business, Southwest Cinematic, together. Watch this space!

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